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Linked Data: Making Library Data Converse with the World[edit]

Thursday, June 24, 2010 (Full Day 8am-5pm), location TBA

Cosponsored by ALCTS Metadata Interest Group.

Semantic Web experts say that library metadata must be transformed into Linked Data so it can function in the broader web environment. What does this mean, and how urgent is it? What concrete steps will ensure that libraries are effective participants in the Semantic Web? Presenters will describe the principles of Linked Data and relate them to library-centered linked data projects. Attendees will participate in hands-on exercises to create linked data.


Jennifer Bowen, Assistant Dean for Information Management Services, University of Rochester/River Campus Libraries [1]

Mapping Exercise materials [2] [3] [4]

Karen Coyle, Digital Libraries Consultant, Karen Coyle Consulting [5]

Corey Harper, Metadata Service Librarian, New York University [6]

Diane Hillmann and Jon Phipps, Consultants, Metadata Management Associates [7]

Vocabulary exercise [8]

Ross Singer, Interoperability & Open Standards Champion, Talis [9]

Ed Summers, Information Technology Specialist, Library of Congress [10]

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Cataloging & Description of Cartographic Resources: From Parchment to Pixels, Paper to Digital[edit]

Thursday, June 24 (Full Day 8:30am-5pm) - Friday, June 25, 2010 (8am-noon), location TBA

Cosponsored by OLAC and MAGERT.

Intended primarily for the novice, but including advanced topics of interest to experienced catalogers, learn map cataloging basics on day one, focusing on three areas of bibliographic description: title(s), mathematical data, and physical description. Additional areas/topics will be covered as well. Day one sessions will focus on hardcopy maps; day two covers digital cartographic resources. Principles covered on day one will be applied to digital items and expanded upon on day two.

Speakers Susan Moore, Catalog Librarian/Bibliographer, University of Northern Iowa

Paige Andrew, Maps Cataloging Librarian, Pennsylvania State University

Mary Larsgaard, Librarian Emeritus (Formerly, Head Map Library), University of California - Santa Barbara

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