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Boot Camp for the 21st Century Metadata Manager[edit]

Monday, June 28, 8–10am, WCC-150B

Sponsored by CCS. Cosponsored by Online Audiovisual Catalogers.

Next-generation OPACS, demand for instant access, outsourcing, and evolving standards – where’s a 21st Century Metadata Manager to turn for advice on running a Web 2.0, 24/7, flexible, multi-metalingual cataloging department? We will offer practical advice, based on direct experience, for facing the challenges of organizing information today. Topics will include collaborating across the library, preparing and creating metadata for a next generation OPAC, coping with changes in standards, and strategic selection of vendor cataloging products.


Glen Wiley, Chief Metadata Librarian and Head, Metadata and Batch Processing Services, Cornell University Media:Glen_alaannual2010.ppt‎

Rebecca L. Lubas, Director of Cataloging & Discovery Services, University of New Mexico Libraries Media:Boot_Camp_for_the_21st_Century_Metadata_Manager.ppt

Robert Bothmann, Electronic Access/Catalog Librarian, Minnesota State University, Mankato

Elaine Westbrooks, Associate Dean, University Libraries, University of Nebraska-Lincoln Media:ElaineWMetadataBootCamp.ppt

Bonnie Parks, Technology and Catalog Librarian, University of Portland Media:Parks-Playing_Well_With_Others_for_wiki.ppt‎

Handout with speaker contact information [1]

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e-Books: How Do You Know It Was Worth It?[edit]

Monday, June 28, 8–10am, location Washington Convention Center WCC-146B

Presented by ALCTS/AS Research & Statistics Committee

Models of ebook collection analysis continue to evolve. This program will provide a discussion of the different measures available to evaluate usage of ebooks as well as anticipated improvements desired to measure and evaluate the library's investment in ebooks.


Tom Wright, Collection Development Coordinator/Chair of Materials Acquisitions, Brigham Young University,

Christopher Warnock, CEO and CTO, ebrary,

Terry Kirchner, Director, Westchester Library System,

Kirchner presentation

Cosponsored by RUSA CODES, PLA and CMDS.

ALCTS thanks ebrary for sponsoring this program.

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Got Data? New Roles for Libraries in Shaping 21st-Century Research/ALCTS's Presidents Program[edit]

Monday, June 28, 10:30-Noon, location TBA

Research in the Information Age is driven by digital data. Libraries are emerging as critical partners in the curation, access, use, re-use, and preservation of research data. Digital stewardship, and the requisite cyber-infrastructure, economic models, and policies required to administer and protect research data, present both new opportunities and challenges for 21st century libraries. In this talk, we describe the emerging role for Libraries as stewards of valued digital research collections.


Francine Berman, Vice President for Research, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Immigrant Vignettes: The Saga of Romanian Jews in the U.S. and Canada[edit]

Monday, June 28, 2010, 1:30 p.m. - 3:30 p.m.

Location: Washington Convention Center -147A

Sponsored by EMIERT Jewish Information Committee   Vladimir Wertsman, author of The Romanian Jews in America and Canada (1850-2010), will present an engaging overview of the two millennia-long Jewish community in Romania, including the Holocaust, Communist, and post-Communist periods; immigration and history of Jews in the USA and Canada; Romanian Holocaust survivors and righteous Gentiles; biographical sketches of noted Romanian Jews; and library materials on North American Romanian Jewry.  

Lyn Miller-Lachmann, editor of EMIERT’s Multicultural Review, will demonstrate with a hands-on activity that uses props and audience seating arranged in a map of Europe and the Mediterranean, how librarians and teachers can creatively use solid research, such as Wertsman’s Multicultural Review research article, entitled, “The Holocaust in 31 Countries,” to bring history alive for students and audiences of all ages. 

Speakers: Vladimir Wertsman, Chair, EMIERT Publishing and Multicultural Materials Committee; Lynn Miller-Lachman, Editor, Multicultural Review

Reaching out to Generation Y: Conducting Research to Understand Digital Natives[edit]

Committee on Research & Statistics [5]

Monday, June 28, 2010, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Location: Washington Convention Center - 204B/C


Dr. Carol A. Gordon Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries Associate Professor, School of Communication & Information Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Studies that examine the information behavior of youth indicate a need for a method that analyzes sparse, quantifiable data collected in qualitative studies with small samples sizes. This presentation explores the Theory of Expected Information, derived from the Fano measure (1961) and Bayesian statistics (1764), and demonstrates its application in studies that measure the information behavior of adolescents.

Presentation slides available here. [6]

Susan Gibbons Vice Provost & Neilly Dean River Campus Libraries University of Rochester

This presentation demonstrates how through the use of anthropological and ethnographic methods, the River Campus Libraries of the University of Rochester have studied the academic work practices of students. This research has helped to clarify Generation Y's technology use and facility needs, as well as their understanding of "library."

Presentation slides available here. [7]

Low Budget Ways to Connect Readers with Authors using Web 2.0 Tools[edit]

Attendees will learn to enhance the reading experience by connecting readers with authors, in innovative, affordable ways with Web 2.0 tools. Topics include: deciding which online tools and resources are best for your needs (e.g., blogs, wikis, Skype, and social networking such as Facebook and Twitter), how to design a program that maximum discussion, collaboration, and interaction, and finding authors who will work with you to create a successful Web 2.0 event or program.

Monday, June 28, 2010, 10:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.

Location: Washington Convention Center - 102A


Jennifer R. Hubbard, author of THE SECRET YEAR (Viking, 2010)

Lindsey Leavitt, author of the PRINCESS FOR HIRE series (Disney-Hyperion) and forthcoming young adult novel, SEAN GRISWOLD’S HEAD (Bloomsbury).

Cynthea Liu, author of teen novel THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA (Speak) and PARIS PAN TAKES THE DARE (G.P. Putnam’s Sons), founder of AuthorsNow!

Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich, author of Eighth Grade Superzero (Arthur A. Levine/Scholastic, 2010)

Presentation handouts





Numbers that Speak Volumes: Using Data to Make the Case for Rural Libraries[edit]

Sponsored by ALA OLOS, ORS, OLA and ARSL

Monday, June 28 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm

As libraries struggle to meet growing demand with the same or less funding, the need to effectively communicate the value of libraries in the Internet Age is more important than ever. Get tips, tools and templates for using local and national library data to strengthen your message to your funders, elected officials, board members and the media. This session will prepare you to maximize your participation in Library Advocacy Day (June 29) and state lobby days, as well as write better grant applications, annual reports and budget presentations. Co-sponsored by ARSL and ALA-OLA and ORS.


Susan Hanks, Chair, Rural, Native and Tribal Libraries of All Kinds Committee;

Charlotte Glover, member, ALA Library Advocacy Committee; Youth Services and Programming Librarian, Ketchikan Public Library;

Larra Clark, project manager, ALA Office for Research & Statistics presentation *Numbers that Speak Volumes Part I *Numbers that Speak Volumes Part II

Ma’Lis Wendt, library consultant

ALCTS CRS Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee (CRCC) Monday Update Forum[edit]

The ALCTS CRS Continuing Resources Cataloging Committee (CRCC)invites all catalogers & serialists to a Forum at ALA Annual in Washington, DC on Monday, June 28, in

Washington Convention Center (WCC) Room 145A, from 1:30-3:30pm

There will be brief updates from representatives of the ISSN Center, the Library of Congress and CONSER Program, and CC:DA, followed by a special program on the Testing of RDA records for serial resources.

Featured guests will include

Tina Shrader, a representative from the National Agricultural Library on the Task Group coordinating the official testing;

Renette Davis (University of Chicago), to share thoughts on preparing staff for testing RDA;

and Robert Bremer of OCLC, to field questions on the impact of RDA-compliant records on OCLC WorldCat.

CRCC Chair-designate (2010/2011) Jennifer Young (Northwestern) will lead a brainstorming Q & A session on how interested catalogers and institutions might participate in RDA testing of serial records and provide feedback to one another and to the official test partners.


National RDA Test Update presentation by Tina Shrader

Preparing for RDA Testing at the University of Chicago by Renette Davis -- Slide 11 has been corrected with the following information: the relationship designator for 111 (and 711) goes in $j instead of $e (because $e was already defined as subordinate unit in 111 and 711).

Technology Skills for Incarcerated Teens[edit]

YALSA program

Washington Convention Center Monday 4:00-5:30pm

Outreach to incarcerated teens isn’t just about books anymore! Participants will see programs that use gaming, blogging, podcasting, etc. in a jail or similar facility and learn best practices examples. While these programs are designed for incarcerated teens, they can be used to capture the interest of at-risk teens or non-library users. Panelists will give audience members the opportunity to try these technologies themselves at the end of the presentation.


Angela Craig, Library Location Supervisor, Children's Services, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library

Kelly Czarnecki, Technology Education Librarian, Charlotte Mecklenburg Library


Technology Skills for Incarcerated Teens