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ALCTS Collection Development 2.0: The Changing Administration of Collection Development[edit]

Sponsored by ALCTS CMDS Policy & Planning Committee
with co-sponsors RUSA CODES & RUSA STARS and exclusive vendor sponsor, BLACKWELL
Collection development is undergoing revolutionary changes. In the last few years, most libraries have made major changes in the way they manage collection development. This program will help clarify what new approaches some libraries have taken and why, their consequences (both intended and unintended), and what some of those thinking about these issues see on the horizon.

Suggested readings

Moderator's Introduction
Steven Harris, University of New Mexico
Blog: Collections 2.0 Web: retaggr

Fewer Cooks at SIU-Carbondale
Jonathan Nabe, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Martha White, Lexington (KY) Public Library
Presentation slides

Rethinking Library Collections in a Radically Changed Information Environment
Rick Anderson, University of Utah